He should win the gold in parenting.

This is not your typical tooth tethered to doorknob method.

Olympic decathlete Bryan Clay should be awarded another gold for his impressive and creative parenting techniques. I guess we can't expect individuals who are practically physical demigods to just tie their kids' loose teeth to a doorknob the old fashioned way. Clay, who competed in the 2008 Olympics and is now retired, tethered his young daughter's tooth to a javelin and chucked the spear across a field, sending the small tooth flying along with it.


Undoubtedly, though, the most impressive part was his daughter, Ellie Clay, nonchalantly asking for water after the whole ordeal. When your dad is one of the world's top athletes, you're used to these impressive feats and are always concerned with staying hydrated. Here's hoping the tooth fairy does something just as extreme!

Sources: Bryan Clay's Twitter