Paris is so artsy fartsy. (Via Twitter)


Ahhh, gay Pair-ee. A city famous for it's dedication to class, refinement, formality, and now, a giant green butt plug.

American artist Paul McCarthy erected (lol) this 80-foot inflatable ode to anal stimulation in the Place Vendome, claiming it to be a Christmas tree, and anyone who believes that is smoking trees. 

This thing does not nearly look as much like a Christmas tree as it does a "stocking stuffer."

Here's a little test. Butt plug or Christmas tree?

Christmas tree!


Ok, that was an easy one. What about this?

Christmas tree?

Hard to say, right? It looks so much like a Christmas tree, but(t) it is actually a butt plug! This is "The Assifier," and you can get one for yourself for $11.95 retail.

The French are not so easily duped. They know their plugs, and they are pissed. 

Translation: "A sex toy giant 24m high will be installed these days Taxpayers Place Vendome, this is where your tax dollars are going!"

And don't go thinking McCarthy is getting a bum (lol) rap. He's done this before.

This is a sculpture he put up in Rotterdam.

Won't you ride his sleigh tonight? (Via)

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