Which crack cracked the web?

The second week of November, 2014 will always be remembered as the week of the butt.


Kim tried to break the Internet with hers, and if by break she means "saturate to the point that people were seeing it in their mind's eye every time they looked at anything round or glazed-donut-like," she did pull that off.

But did she pull off a win in the Great Internet Butt Race? According to the traffic through this little cul-de-sac of the web, the answer is NOPE.

Kim's seemed like a lock for the title of Most Popular Digitally Disseminated Assmeat. But one brave crusader decided to give her a run for her money. Chelsea Handler used Kim's ubiquitous ass to continue her assault against Instagram's anti-female-nudity censorship policy with yet another shot of her dirty bod.


We took a look at our Google Analytics to check traffic for both articles on these two asses, and as of press time, Kim's butt post was our 6th most visited page of the week with over 255,000 pageviews.

Chelsea Handler's butt post? Number 2. It was our second most visited post of the week, with over 383,000 pageviews and counting.

Chelsea's ass wins.*

Granted, there was no shortage of places to view Kim's butt. No one would have been surprised if Google had replaced the O's in their doodle with it for a couple days. But Chelsea's lead is so big, you could squeeze both Kim's and Chelsea's butts through it. Especially with all that excess oil to lube up with.