The 1 perfect example of why BuzzFeed is disgusting.

Ironically, the number 2 post is about pictures that need to be deleted from the Internet.
(via BuzzFeed)


The headline for BuzzFeed's number one article right now is "What Happened When This Woman Ordered A Dress Online Captures The Online Shopping Struggle."

If the author was being honest, he would have written, "What Happened When I Saw A Chubby Woman In A Dress And Decided To Exploit Her For Traffic."

The article, which is basically just comparison photos of a professional model from major Chinese online market, TaoBao, and a woman who made a purchase from the site, posits the assumption that, just because she doesn't look like the model, her shopping mission was a failure.

Author writes, "when the dress finally came, it wasn't exactly as advertised." But it was. The only thing different here is the person in the dress.

Same dress from the front. (via BuzzFeed/TaoBao)

Same dress from the back. (via BuzzFeed/TaoBao)

True, she doesn't look like the model or, as the author points out, glamorous movie star Jamie Alexander from the Thor premier, but this isn't an online shopping struggle for the simple fact that THE WOMAN IS HAPPY WITH THE DRESS.

That's why she uploaded photos of herself wearing the dress, and even wrote in the comments that the "quality is very good," and that she thinks the dress is "very sexy."

This dress is her "baby." Babies are not shopping fails. (via TaoBao)

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