You say goodbye, I say hola. (Via Daily Breeze)


Nigel, a talking parrot with a "cultivated British accent," flew the coop in 2010. After a four year disappearance he was returned to his owner speaking Spanish and asking for "Larry."

The renegade bird was found in the backyard of Julissa Sperling of Torrence, California. As she told the Daily Breeze, “I heard somebody whistling and saying, ‘Hello? Hello?’ I opened the door and went out — nothing.”

But then Nigel couldn't keep his fool mouth shut, and Julissa eventually found him in her tree. “I own a dog-grooming business so we put him in a little cage and brought him with us to the store,” she said. “He was the happiest bird. He was singing and talking without control. ... He was barking like the dogs."

The formerly British mimic was now a bird with dog-inclinations. Apparently, Nigel had gone into a sort of identity crisis, and his fugue state left him only with questions — and more weirdness.

"I’m from Panama," explained Sperling, "and he was saying, ‘What happened?’ in Spanish.” 

What happened, indeed. We may never know, Nigel is keeping his beak shut. 

Fortunately, the formerly British African Grey parrot had been microchipped in his first life. After a little investigative work, he was able to be returned to Darren Chick, his original owner, also in Torrence. 

Chick was surprised to see Nigel, and the feeling was mutual. Nigel bit Chick on the hand when he tried to pick him up. Chick claims that now that they have been reunited for a week, their relationship is coming together again, though Nigel has yet to open up about where he had been, how he learned Spanish, and who the hell Larry is. 

Sources: Daily Breeze