"You're watching VNN."

In fairness to Anderson Cooper, the great Walter Cronkite once famously struggled with a live news story as well. Although, that story was about the JFK assassination, not about a kid getting stuck in giant vagina sculpture. Still, "vagina' is one of those words that a lot of guys are uncomfortable saying. I don't know if my father has ever said the word out loud and I'm happy to be left in the dark on that one. Still, if he or I were being paid big bucks by a major cable news company to report on a story involving a vagina, I'd like to think we could both get through it without giggling.

But giggling and goofing have become a staple of TV news, and it's part of Anderson Cooper's charm. And as he points out in the clip, vagina isn't exactly "in his wheelhouse." However, based on the fact that he lost his mind doing a piece on something called "Dyngus Day," I have a feeling a story involving a giant, marble penis wouldn't exactly be a chip shot. 

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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