And we don't talk to each other...even though we're sitting next to each other.
(via redditor Dianysus)

Dude, CNN. I know you're always trying to get younger viewers (you'll never get the old ones away from Fox), but maybe you're aiming too low if you think your audience isn't old enough yet to realize that these two background images are from the same location with slightly different color filters. 


Specifically, it seems like you think that we're all too dumb to realize that Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer are standing about 10 feet from each other in front of the United Nations. Actually, it looks like Amanpour is really to Wolf's right, and you've reversed the shots on screen. This is especially insulting because I'm pretty sure they're both talking about the President's speech at the UN today regarding ISIS. They literally could just have turned and talked to each other.

I mean, what's next, are you going to hide an anchor's face behind something and then pretend he's teleporting into the room? Don't answer that, because I've seen your holograms. You do realize that we, your audience, possess the power of object permanence, right? You're not going to start announcing that the President has "been kidnapped" any time he walks off camera, are you? 

I'm sorry to be such a jerk about this, but this ISN'T EVEN THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE PULLED THIS:

They at least had a chance of pulling this one off before traffic ruined it.