How much caffeine should you drink? The amount that doesn't make you feel like shit.

"Hey honey, aren't you happy that we evolved to have the mental faculties to tell when we've had too much coffee?" (via Thinkstock)


Hey guys, look! There's a scientific report about how much caffeine you should drink! The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) puts safe caffeine usage at 400 mg per day, which is about four 8 oz. cups or five espresso shots. Thank goodness you finally know how much caffeine you should drink (or eat on popcorn), because it's 100% impossible to tell how much caffeine is too much or too little just by consuming it!

Oh, wait. What I meant to say is that we human beings can totally tell when we've had too much or too little caffeine.

Should you drink this coffee? No! But that's because it's just a picture of a coffee and not one you can really have. (via Thinkstock)

I feel like these studies and reports about the "right" amount of caffeine come out about as regularly as new cute cat videos. And every time, my response is "meh" (to the caffeine studies, not the cat videos — I'm not a monster). The result is almost always the same: the studies tell you to drink caffeine in moderation, because in moderate doses, it has some benefits. In large doses, it can hurt more than it can help. Whoop-de-doodle.

I'm not saying that these caffeine studies are without value, but unless they find a very specific risk factor or you were already considering cutting back on coffee, I have a strong guess about what you're going to do about this study: nothing.

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