Why is it blue? That's traditionally a bad sign. Not cool, cake maker. Not cool.

Your eyes are the one browser history you'll never be able to clear. You have seen these now, and we sort of apologize for that, but not really. For how can we truly know the world without knowing the depths of weirdness that can come from seemingly normal things. Cakes and babies. Two things most people are fairly positive towards. Put them together, it turns out, and you've got the basis for a low-budget horror film. Check out all these and then go on with your life knowing it's now slightly different.

Nope. That's a tiny fat man who has been knocked out and glazed.

"Eat me like one of your French babies."

The baby heads of drama: Tragedy and Comedohmygodmakeitstop.


This is pretty cute except it actually looks like a baby being baked into a cake in an oven.

This baby looks like Wimpy from Popeye. Also the PBS head. Also a roast turkey.


"I sleep with one eye open and as long as this cake is in your house so should you."

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