More like Camp Liquid ASS, amirite? (image via Kirsten Dize, Fallston Patch)

A hazmat team was called in to a Christian camp in Maryland after a prank Wednesday night went horribly, hilariously wrong. Two cabins at Camp Wo-Me-To, near Rocks State Park were contaminated with deer repellant spray and a product called Liquid ASS, which, by the way, it is someone's full-time job to sell. According to the Liquid ASS website, the product "combines both a bona fide turd smell with the gaseous effects of a noxious fart bomb," a.k.a. it is every Christian camper's dream product.

Either someone wanted to test those claims or they just couldn't take another minute of lanyard-making, but the results of this prank were pretty disastrous. 12 campers were "decontaminated" after suffering eye irritation and respiratory issues, and 6 of these were taken to a nearby hospital. The cabins were aired out to get rid of the "noxious fart bomb" smell, but I'm guessing years from now, those cabins will still contain a faint odor of turd. Luckily, the camp will have no problem discovering the perpetrator using the Old Testament judicial method of "he who smelt it dealt it."


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Fallston Patch