A man in Thailand was caught on camera making sweet love to a Porsche.

You can't help who you love. (via LiveLeak)

This is exactly what you think it is. A man walks into what looks likes a parking garage in Thailand, pulls down his pants, and proceeds to engage in sexual relations with a white Porsche. He experiments with two different positions, both in the tailpipe and the front bumper.

Luckily a CCTV caught this priceless footage, which can be seen in all its glory on LiveLeak. Skip ahead to 0:42 to get to the main mechaphile action.

I mean, how could he help it? The car looked so good just sitting there, all shiny and new in its glorious Porsche-ness. And could it be? There was no one else around? They were all alone? He had to have the Porsche, right then and there.


He was probably just doing research for his auto-erotic novel, which means this wasn't his first time taking advantage of a hot, lonely vehicle. For authenticity, the book editor should definitely be the guy who had sex with over 700 cars.

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