Custom Bugatti Red Peen. (via)

There are less than five hundred in the world, so it was already a rare vehicle. Now, thanks to a vandal with a can of spray paint, there's a Bugatti Veyron cruising around Seattle that you have to believe is one of a kind, because it's hard to imagine anyone else wanting to be seen driving a car with a crude, red dick and balls on its hood. Who knows who did it—an angry spouse? A class warrior trying to make a statement? Maybe another Seattle Bugatti owner who can now say, "mine's the one without the dick on the front."

The identity of the owner isn't known, either, which is understandable. He probably waited until no one was around to drive away. Because even at a top speed of 200 mph, you look pretty silly behind the wheel of a car with a red penis on it.

It must have been a long, miserable ride home for car's owner. Still, it wasn't the worst look anyone's had driving a Bugatti. That distinction still belongs to this guy:

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: Metro UK