"Damn! You must get disrespected a lot!"

Most guys understand that cat-calling women is a problem. But when you don't have to deal with it yourself, it's difficult to wrap your brain around how awful the experience must be for women who have to constantly deal with dudes hurling sexual shout-outs like it was their job.

To illustrate just how awful, and often frightening, it can be, Shoshana B. Roberts walked around New York City with a hidden camera to record the abuse that is all too common for women everywhere.

The come-ons ranged from the garden-variety "Damn girl," and requests to "smile"—as if she was a contestant in a talent contest—to dudes just outright stalking her for minutes at a time on the off chance that Roberts had a thing for dirtbags with nowhere to be, spewing dialogue from gonzo porn videos.

She filmed for ten hours and was cat-called 100 times. That would be a high number if she was carrying a sign saying "Looking to meet jobless douchebags." For someone dressed casually without a sign, the number is all kinds of wrong.

So, if you're a guy who honestly wonders why women don't smile more while walking the streets of New York, you have your answer. From now on, keep the questions to yourself.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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