You should have seen my reaction if there hadn't been a camera here.

After your cat has been missing for two months, it is usually time to start over. Pack up your stuff, leave town, and maybe consider moving into a KFC to deal with your grief. But this family decided to stay put and live on without their 13-year-old fluff ball, and were handsomely rewarded when the matriarch of the family discovered kitty hanging out with some "girls' at a Shell gas station. 

To ramp up the excitement, she had her kids cover their eyes while she presented the family pet, and once they removed their hands, their eyes were covered with tears.

 The two boys sobbed for joy at being reunited with their "mine craft buddy," while the sister makes nervous eye contact with the camera, aware that they are all about to become "the kids that cried over their cat." 

That's ok, kids. Let it all out. 


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: Elite Daily