"OK sir, now you can tell me who the f*** you are."

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to being in the headlines for bizarre and obnoxious behavior. He's been caught plagiarizing, caught plagiarizing his apology for plagiarizing, headbutting strangers, and of course there's his whole paper bag mask thing. Even considering all that, yesterday may mark the moment where he tipped all the way over the edge.

Ah, New York. Where people on their way to work calmly ignore celebrities chasing bums.
(via TMZ)

First, he was spotted chasing a homeless man around and arguing about a hat. Apparently, Shia believed the hat was his. An onlooker told TMZ that the star seemed "whacked out" and incoherent. He also kept repeating "It's me, Shia" to the homeless dude, as if his immense popularity among the nation's indigent population would convince the man to hand over the hat. Even if it was your hat, Shia, you're a rich man. He's a homeless man. Let it slide. I don't think it was your hat, though, because you're crazy.

Later yesterday evening, Shia decided to take in a show, and attended a performance of Cabaret, starring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams at Studio 54. During the performance, LaBeouf reportedly smoked cigarettes, grabbed actor's butts as they walked by the audience, and then stood up and started yelling at the actors on stage. You don't have to be a Broadway regular to know that this is kind of rude.

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