Um, I'm sorry, but where's the rest of this? I thought it was supposed to go on forever...

I know you just clicked on a link and now you're facing your mortality, but take a deep breath and calm down. Now savor that deep breath, because in a few more dots you'll be out of it.

Wait But Why, a website devoted to making original and interesting infographics about any topic you can imagine, tackled the meaning of life itself recently with a series of charts laying out what your life, the average life of an American, and the lives (and deaths) of famous people looks like when mapped out.

Seems like this is missing the hazy dots of the "finding yourself" years.

I think you're doing ok, dude. Just keep saying things confidently.

Check out way more fascinating and slightly stressful depictions of just how much time you have on Earth over at Wait But Why.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Wait But Why