When the kids scream in it, it sounds exactly like the party favor horn that this looks like.

Action Park is the reason why everything got childproofed in the 90's, but now the insanity has been documented on film (below). Built on the idea that rides would be more fun if children controlled their experience (i.e. whether they flew out of the track or bungee jumped into a wall), the only way that watching kids destroy themselves on crazy, high-velocity/low-safety rides could be more amazingly terrible is if the park had hidden cameras so that you could shut the kids inside and turn it into The Hunger Games

(Part 1 of 2)
I was not allowed to go to Action Park. My parents are still dictators, but I see their point.

As someone who emerged from the primordial muck of northern New Jersey myself, I'm proud that my state's casual endangerment of children is finally being recognized. Weird NJ, Dailymotion, and Mashable have now finally captured Action Park's history in all it's glorious liability. The film features Chris Gethard of The Chris Gethard Show, who has been a longtime Weird NJ contributor and the author of Weird NY. Here's part 2 of the feature: the demise of Action Park.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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