Why would anyone want to miss out on all that fecal maintenance?

Don't bother posting this video on your Facebook wall. I'll tell you right now what comments you'll get:

  • "hahaha, funny. but really i wouldn't trade this amazing life experience for anything in the world! luv u!" - some woman you went to high school with
  • "Dude, I thought the same thing. But now my kids are the most life changing experience of my life. You'll see." - a guy you drink with at a bar once in a while
  • "This is so ignorant." - someone you don't even know how you're Facebook friends with
  • "Amen! This is why I'm never having kids ever! They ruin everything!" - some 23-year-old person
  • "Your father infected the computer with some kind of computer virus and now we can't fix the computer." - your mother
  • "Did you make this video? You're so clever! We miss you so much!" - a person you spoke to four times

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Jason Messina | h/t Huffington Post