Start by using too! many! exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redditor BlurrySandwich shared this booklet written and illustrated by him and his brother when they were kids. Either they weren't totally firm on the definition of "annoy," or these kids knew some girls who were completely unfazed by the usual hair-pulling and teasing and being chased around the playground. Yep, the girls they knew needed to get violently attacked before they would be like "Ew! Stop it!"


We should try this trick with North Korea. "Here, take this bomb."


Ignore her pleas for help! So annoying!


Bonus: her being annoyed results in some impressive explosions!


As a woman, it IS really annoying when this happens.



Our entire life is devoted to not having that written on our gravestone.


Sources: Redditor BlurrySandwich