The US can't be touched, because your hands will freeze on contact.

All those little circles are probable record lows. Who says America's record-setting days are behind her? (via @RyanMaue)


Russia may be destabilizing world politics by sending troops to Ukraine, but the export Americans hate most right now is the huge destabilized swath of Siberian and Arctic air that's migrated over America's eastern half. Temperatures in Chicago (it was -8ºF today) a place that knows cold, are threatening to break all-time lows set in the 1800s. On the other hand, the drought-ravaged West continues to experience bizarrely high readings on the thermometer, with Anchorage, Alaska setting records regularly this year for the highest minimum temperatures ever recorded.

One look at this WeatherBell map tweeted out by weather scientist Ryan Maue makes the problem clear.

The map above doesn't show absolute temperatures, that map shows how much temperatures are deviating from what they should be, on average. As you can see, the eastern US is much, much farther away from "normal" temperatures than anywhere else on the globe—it isn't even close. The West, however, has a huge surplus of Farenheits.

They're not hogging all those sweet, sweet, degrees though. The weather phenomena are related: that huge bulge of warm air that seems to be headed North over California, the Rockies, Alaska and the Pacific is what's nudging the frigid airmass that normally hovers over the Arctic, Siberia and northern Canada out of alignment—last time around, they called it the Polar Vortex.

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