Sure, he's fiberglass on the outside, but inside he's kind and sensitive.

It's probably the best scene in any movie ever. In the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy strips off his clothes as he arrives at Pemberley and dives into a pond, emerging dripping wet in his undershirt. All the girls you're watching the movie with giggle a lot AND THEN he runs into Elizabeth Bennet while he is ALMOST NAKED (for the time period) and she is totally mortified and so is he and they exchange a few words but so much more is said and then he rushes into the house and OMG.


Anyway, UKTV decided to exploit the joy of that scene to spread the word about their new Drama channel. They planted this scary monster statue, which is nearly as tall as a double-decker bus (that's how they measure heights in the UK), in a lake in Hyde Park. But instead of making us faint from its insanely charming vulnerability, its distorted features and weird giantness are making us faint from fear. Mr. Cameron, tear down this Firth!

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