This is what you would call a "fixer-upper." (Via Kansas City Star)

If you're planning to steal a car and lead police on a car chase, here's a little tip: get off the phone.


According to the AP, police were given the go ahead to chase after a woman who was driving a stolen SUV when an officer saw her run a stop sign. From there, she led police on a chase through Kansas City. After she ran into a fire hydrant, she accidentally jumped a curb and smashed directly into the corner of a mostly abandoned 1920's car dealership that was storing vintage cars. The woman was on her cell phone at the time.

The damage from the crash resulted in an immediate eruption, causing the walls and some cars to fall down as through there had been an explosion.

In the video below, you can see the white SUV pass a truck on the left before slamming into the building.

According to witness Cynthia Bell, who was driving at the time, "It sounded like a bomb. If it could shake the ground, it would have. It was like slow motion."

That's gonna leave a mark. (Via Kansas City Star)

The passenger's seat is totally crushed, it is lucky she was driving at the time.
(Via Kansas City Star)

The AP reports that Police Capt. Chris Sicoli told KSHB-TV that the driver of the stolen SUV was taken to the hospital but suffered only non-life threatening injuries, and that nobody else was hurt in the incident.

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