It was a simpler time.

Five years ago, one fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show decided to tweet a little jokey reference to the movie. If you're a fan of the movie, you probably know where this is going.


The user launched a Twitter feed named for the film's transvestite mad scientist, Dr. Frank N. Furter, played by actor Tim Curry. 

Play for reference.

On May 9, 2009, at 1:09 A.M., @DrFNFurter started tweeting a few lyrics from the Rocky Horror song, "Sweet Transvestite."


That of course is the part of the song where Frank N. Furter takes a long pause. Just a few seconds to make you wonder if the song might have ended. 

Twitter's @DrFNFurter took a little longer. To be exact, he took five full years on the nose before finishing his thought with...


Five years. One wonders if a five-year wait was always the intention. Or, did the user post the first few tweets thinking, "I'll give it a half-hour," before getting distracted. Then life just kept getting in the way, until months and years passed with @DrFNFurter always meaning to let people off the hook and give them the rest of the lyric. 

Then, as May 8, 2014 approached, the good doctor said, "No more screwing around. It's time to finish the old projects and tie up loose ends. It's time to tweet the rest of that word."