Mean girl Kaitlyn Booth.

A high school student in Missourri got in trouble with the law when she changed a student's last name to "Masturbate" in the high school yearbook. Kaitlyn Booth of Hickman High School couldn't resist turning Raigan Mastain's last name into a joke about beating off, and the yearbook went to print without anyone noticing. Apparently, that was the only prank Booth used her yearbook committee privileges to pull. Changing the high school's name from "Hickman" to "Dickman" was apparently too much effort for the youth, even though it would have been far more satisfying.

Mastain was also on the yearbook committee, but she was apparently mature enough to refrain from changing Kaitlyn's name to "Fellatin" or something similarly hilarious. Based on her Twitter feed, she appears to be taking the prank in stride:

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