Cooking, cleaning, and kicking ass.

At this point, Disney World better have the guy who plays Gaston locked down in a long term contract, because otherwise, someone's bound to offer the YouTube sensation a much bigger gig. If not a TV network, then at least Vivid Entertainment, who are probably already developing a script for Asston: The Booty Prince.

The video from a few days ago of the live version of the beefy character being challenged by a bro to a push-up contest already has over six million views. This time, it's a young girl looking to test his strength in an arm wrestling match. Not only is the guy a good sport, he's so charming he can pull off misogynistic lines that Ted Nugent wouldn't think to say out loud.


Even if he's not being paid nearly what he's worth, it's hard to put a price on daily attention from hundreds of hot moms.

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