It's time once again for the results of our #celebreply contest! This week's target was a band that has managed the impressive feat of becoming the most embarrassing thing from Canada, Nickelback. We got a lot of great responses this week, and our favorite gets this FREE Valentine's Day-themed Someecards mug, also available to buy at the Someecards Store!



Here's this week's winning entry!


Congratulations, R. McWeeny! We'll contact you via direct message on Twitter about sending you your prize, which looks like this:


Here are this week's runners up:









Thanks to everyone else for entering, and check back next week for a new celebrity target!


Original post:

One of the best and usually worst things about Twitter is that it gives us unprecedented access to the everyday lives of athletes, movie stars, politicians, and inexplicably famous "music" groups. These hastily written, half-formed thoughts from vapid multi-millionaires are often deserving of merciless ridicule. A few of our favorite funny people have already turned this into a hobbyNow, it's YOUR turn. Take a look at this inquisitive tweet from the Nickelback of rock bands, Nickelback. Then send a smart-ass response of your own, formatted like this: