On your resume, list wild bear-fighting under "Activities."


We'd definitely hire this gentlemen, not only because he is basically saying he wants to be exploited, but because he perfectly followed the rules of cover-letter-writing. Begin by explaining to your potential boss what a cover letter is for, since they might not know that it’s "something for appeal myself." Share some references from past employers, like when they called you, "Ace, you are a best!" Appeal to the reader’s sense of pity by telling them simply that you “want to feel again." And conclude by describing any special skills, such as your "strong arm lift to wild bear." Not many people applying for a customer service job will have bear-fighting experience, so it’s a great way to make your application stand out. Finally, end by offering to work without pay. This rare humility is sure to get the recent immigrant any position for which you apply.

Sources: Redditor kittyhoho