Ooh, laundry in building!

There is so much going on in this Miami Craigslist ad that it's difficult to unpack it all. First of all, it seems like this man wrote his ad after reading a Big Book O' Scams. He's got scam-y favorites from "make $1500-$2500 weekly from your laptop" to "don't trust the government" to "with a simple down payment of your freedom as an individual, you can travel and enjoy life!" He also refers to himself as "a proven and tested Man." But who did the testing? Was it his last "roommate"? Also, also, the best personal reference he can offer is The Rock, and even if that's true (unlikely), why on earth would we trust a recommendation from The Rock?


The sad thing is, being this man's paid companion is probably the best job prospect for most recent college grads, especially the ones who majored in communications. But we won't give in to his promises of glamorous trips to Las Vegas and training in SEO functions. We'll continue to put our delusional hopes in "untested boys."

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