"This is a very long job ad because this is an extremely high concept show..."

"Clark Kent/Superman is also Aragorn in Lord of the Rings." (via Thinkstock)


Are you looking for a new job? Are you a comic book geek as well as a reality show freak? Are you used to working with people suffering from nervous mania and/or cocaine addiction? Then we have the job for you!

A producer in New York needs an assistant for a reality show he only describes as "Real Superman Show," and asks that interested parties first read the entire post before contacting him.

If you're interested I ask you to please read this very long full show description: this is a very high concept reality show and I need someone who gets what I'm working on here and not someone who just shows up and ends up being in over their head because they didn't read the concept and didn't understand what this is all about.

This job post is very long by average Craigslist standards, topping out at 5,512 words! That's longer than your average college essay. To sum up the idea of "Real Superman Show" as best as possible, celebrities are the real-life versions of comic book characters.

Like for example, I believe that the real Lex Luthor is Rupert Murdoch while the real LexCorps is News Corps and so in the show Rupert Murdoch is just Lex Luthor and News Corps is LexCorps.

And then like the real Lois Lane is Ashley Arenson while the real Lana Lang is Gillian Zinser from Beverly Hills 90210, while the real Bruce Wayne is Kanye West, the real Vicki Vale is Kim Kardashian, and the real Alfred Pennyworth is actually Kris Jenner because sometimes in fictional comics a woman may be portrayed as a man so while Bruce Wayne is a white billionaire and Alfred is his butler in the comic, in the real life DC Universe Bruce Wayne is Kanye West, a black superstar rapper, and Alfred is actually his mother-in-law Kris Jenner.
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