Indianans have missed connections "At Home." We're so sorry, Indiana.


Let someone else handle the data about whose women are the boldest, which state is the straightest, and all that. We want to point out the following truly important numbers: 15 states listed Wal-Mart as the most popular site for people to experience love at first sight (another 2 said "Super Store" which we will interpret as "Wal-Mart Knockoff"). Nebraskans meet their mates at McDonalds and Oklahomans forget to say hi while chewing corn dogs at the state fair. Indianans somehow miss people at home (mailmen romances?), Georgians miss people in their car, Coloradans lust for people at the next gas pump, and Rhode Islanders come in at Most Depressing with their unrequited Parking Lot romances. Hawaiians meet on the beach and so they can go screw themselves.

Sources: BuzzFeed