Warning: this ad contains graphic depictions of honest human connections. (pic via Gawker)

If you hear a bunch of clicking and clacking this morning, that's the sound of every screenwriter in Hollywood trying to adapt this Craigslist ad into the newest romantic comedy. Unfortunately, here in the real world, this ad has been taken down since it was first spotted on Reddit last night, and so we may never know the true ending. But he does have an important message for all of us: if you pick up a beautiful stranger in Grand Central Station and experience the most heartfelt connection of your life over a night of conversation, drinks and sex in New York City, maybe don't let them get on the train the next day without getting their digits. Or, actually, we have Facebook now, so that would never happen. Romance is dead.

For the TL; DR version: In 1973, a shy 18-year-old boy saw the prettiest girl he'd ever seen walk into Grand Central Station. He worked up the nerve to talk to her and asked her to get a drink even though it meant he'd miss his train home for Thanksgiving. He told her about missing his train, she said "I guess it's only fair I miss my bus." They made sweet, sweet love all night, had deep conversations, and made excuses the next morning to their families for being late. They went home, and except for a letter with no return address he's never heard from her since. 40 years later, after one divorce and being widowed, he's still never found anyone like her, thinks about her all the time, and would like a second drink.

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