The 20-pound ponytail lift.

I'm not even certain what CrossFit is exactly, but from what I can tell from the video, it's a lot like regular weight training, only with way more shouting and someone spotting you with a video camera for when you inevitably drop an 80-pound barbell on your throat. Because it seems the most important aspect of CrossFit is letting other people know you're into CrossFit.

Also, has a chin-up bar in the doorway ever worked? How that industry hasn't been brought down by a massive class action lawsuit is one of life's great mysteries.

So, if you've been feeling down about skipping your workout the last few days, or the last several years, you should feel a whole lot better about it after watching this compilation. You may not be in shape, but at least you're not in the shape of a pretzel.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

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