I wanted him to write "GET DOWN, LT! SHE'S GONNA BLOW!"

Redditor normanhorn had a problem with Netflix. So he messaged the chatbot, probably expecting to have a completely uninteresting conversation. Instead, he got Captain Mike, a customer service representative who took the risk of being a little silly, which paid off in the form of the best customer service chat ever. Mike was helped along by Lieutenant Norm, who immediately got on board with the weirdness. Together, they solved the problem with season 5, episode 13 of Parks and Rec and sailed off to meet their destiny of Internet fame.

Norm hopes publicizing Mike's quirkiness doesn't cause him to lose his job, and it shouldn't, because as Norm points out, "This is great advertising for Netflix." We already know about how wonderful Netflix customer service chats can be. In fact, I'm hoping Battlestar Galactica won't load tonight, so I can have my own charming Netflix convo.

Just kidding, I would fracking kill someone.

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(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: redditor tonypotenza