"Even if the floor is lava, I'd still like to go for a walk". (via)

One of the joys of having a pet is coming home and discovering them doing weird shit. There's nothing better than walking through the front door, dropping your stuff, taking off your coat, then entering the bedroom and spotting your cat or dog just chilling in the weirdest possible place in the house and staring straight at you like you're the psycho.

Seriously, though. How did they even get in there?


"Nice baldspot, guy."


"I wanted to be alone with the mugs." (via)


Cutest. Garbage. Ever. (via)


"Just remember I'm up here before you slam the door." (via)


Honey, have you been playing my records? They're all scratched! (via)


No need for a fan. He'll absorb the smoke in his pitch black fur. (via)


Next houseguest with a dander allergy is screwed. (via)


Ninja cat kills you with cuteness (silently). (via)


When playing fetch goes way too far. (via)


Mistakes were made. (via)


They're using the double-flank formation. Uphill advantage. The dog is toast. (via)


"Hand me the wrench. We should get this baby going in no time." (via)



Why do they like it in there so much?