Bernard, who deserves a medal for awesomeness. (via @GracewellHealth)

An elderly British man disappeared from his nursing home in Sussex, England yesterday morning, leaving behind panicked administrators and baffled police. 89-year-old Bernard Jordan, former mayor of Hove and veteran of the D-Day invasion, turned up today at D-Day festivities in Normandy. He was wearing his medals. 

Jordan had apparently requested to join a tour to the events in France, but couldn't get on a tour last minute. So he decided to go it alone. 

Late last night, another veteran contacted Jordan's home to let them know the two men had met up on a bus bound for France and shared a hotel room near Normandy. Local police tweeted their admiration of the man and promised to follow up and make sure he arrived home safely. 


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: The Guardian | h/t Gawker