You don't even have to go on the date first. It's just enough that you asked. (Via)

Sick to death of hearing everyone complaining about how love is so hard to find, dating's so depressing, everyone's so alone and afraid blah blah blah? While we're all banging our heads against our Tinder profiles trying to establish a human connection, two little second-grade girls figured it out with nothing but a pen and a ratty napkin.



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Ted Scheinman tweeted out the above back in December: "The best thing you will read all day: two of my sister's 2nd graders on 'how to fall in love.'" We don't follow Ted so we might never have benefited from this wisdom had Matthew J.X. Malady at The Awl not sought him out for some backstory.

"The two girls (both second-graders) had finished their work about 12 minutes early and decided to write a “book” using napkins (possibly from a classroom birthday party?), with staples for the binding," Sheinman told The Awl. "My sister’s colleague saw them giggling and went to find the cause. Presumably she expected something less monumental. The girls surrendered the text without a struggle. I don’t believe it was confiscated on account of raciness; we’re pretty sure the teacher just really wanted to keep it."

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