The best way to find out if someone is right for you is to see how they get along with your friends. But what if you don't have any friends, and the only people you ever contact are the people a computer dating algorithm thinks you should get to know based on your location and mutual interests in "having fun but being real sometimes too?" You could always see how they get along with each other and weed out the ones who make waves.

That could be the reason why this guy, apparently named Joshua, decided to send a group text to all 32 of the women he met through the dating app Tinder. Unless, as some of the respondents suspect, he just got off on watching 32 women talk smack about him at once.

More likely, Josh doesn't know how phones work, and he thought he could send a mass text to all 32 of those phone numbers he'd collected and start fielding the responses without anyone knowing they just got spammed by the laziest player in the game. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

The thing is, these women really had a good time together. At least a few of them are probably going to establish some new friendships (with everyone but Josh). Possibly even lifelong friendships. By calling 32 women gorgeous, Josh brought a whole group of people together and let them know they all have something in common. They don't want to sleep with Josh.

Perhaps that was his intention all along. If the computer algorithm thinks they're all right for Josh, maybe they're all right for each other. Or, perhaps he's just an idiot.

Regardless, the conversation's quite enjoyable. Requisite disclaimer: could be fake but who cares. What's real anymore?

And they lived happily ever after.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Post Grad Problems