Talk about a two-way twister. (Via Slidell PD)

On August 5th, Dolores Jones was admitted into a Slidell, Louisiana hospital. Unfortunately, there was nothing the hospital could do for her because she was already dead


They were able to help Diondre Jones, 26, however, because she checked into the hospital under her deceased sister's name, and gave them her sister's social security number and date of birth. She did not give them her sister's date of death -- they figured that out for themselves after they treated Diondre. 

According to WVUE, the hospital processed "Delores" paperwork and received an error message stating, "Date of Death Precedes Date of Service".

Diondre was still in the hospital parking lot by the time police caught up to her. They asked why she gave her sister's information, Diondre pointed to her shirt and said, "They must have gotten the name from this shirt."

The shirt she was wearing was a memorial shirt that commemorated her sister's death.

What better way to honor her sister's life than trying to extend her own?

Either Diondre is a Toni Morrison fan ("A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves — a special kind of double."), or she is the world's dumbest criminal whose health coverage is worse than a dead person. 

Diondre was booked with one count of medical fraud. If convicted she might face jail time where she would hopefully receive free medical treatment and a new shirt.

Sources: WVUE