It's not the ring. There's a bear behind you!

A girl flew out to Italy to visit her boyfriend, totally expecting just to see the sights, eat some pizzas, maybe get a quick pic of herself standing in front of the Temple Of Concord. Instead of snapping that pic, her boyfriend goes and whips out an engagement ring that hits her like a stun gun, thereby creating the ultimate reaction GIF. The boyfriend (now fiance) was nice enough to post it on reddit, so that you can now use it any time you don't feel like writing the words "I am shocked to my ever loving core" in a comments section.

For good measure, the fiance made sure to selfie the two of them in their post-proposal bliss, which you can also use any time you need to visually declare that "she said yes!" feeling, which probably won't happen too often unless you happen to be Larry King.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor DizzleStu