Suddenly, we're doubting whether we really know our ABCs as well as we should.

Um, hold on. We're just...trying to think...of words right now. These are letters. They were made by French designer Malika Favre, with help from Guy Woodhouse (we guess you definitely need a guy-girl team for this assignment, although "G" and "L" are appropriately same-sex). They are actually even more distracting on their website, because they are animated. Yeah. You're supposed to write words consisting of writhing, sexy bodies and actually remember how to finish your pinealope. Antelapple. We mean, "sentence." Finish your sentence.

A is for "awkward if anyone walks in right now."

D is for "damn, how did they do that?"

"H" is for, uh, 69. H is for 69.

G is for "goofin' around." Right? That's what they call it?

L is for "'ello, 'ello, wink, wink, nudge, nudge."



M is for "mmmmmmmkay we're finished now."

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