It'll be during "Treehouse of Horror," but still.

He dreamed a dream. (via Fox)

Hate and love are often very thinly separated. Both require passion, both inspire 'mentionitis,' and both fill up our minds with thoughts of that person, day in and day out. For Sideshow Bob, the person who he has hated with all the fervor of true love will finally die at his hand. Die, Bart, die.

Show runners revealed that the impossible had become possible at an ATX Austin festival panel on Saturday. Executive producer Al Jean said:

“I hated frustration comedy so we'll scratch that itch.”

That itch will be scratched during one of the Simpsons' famous Halloween specials (reminder: start working on the spooky version of your name now), so Bart will be reanimated for future episodes...perhaps to live on for all eternity, since it seems unlikely this show will ever be cancelled.


Who is Sideshow Bob without Bart Simpson? A man with no purpose is naught but a figment. I'm sure Bob will wax eloquently on the subject, so until we get to reflect on the denouement of his 'special project,' let's admire his object work.


Sources: Entertainment Weekly | h/t UpRoxx