No, her school hours are spent staging barely believable click-bait Twitter plays.

Yesterday, a college girl with a love for the grand tradition of tall tales spun a yarn on Twitter about sending a naked photograph of herself to her dad, which is very embarrassing and almost definitely didn't happen. Or maybe it did? Either way, every site on the Internet ran it. The bullshit began with a single barbaric yawp:


The urgency! Whatever is the matter, nyyy nyyy, aka Twitter's own  @dearfashionn?

Priceless! Dads HATE receiving photographs of their naked adult daughters! Take us on your magic carpet ride, nyyy nyyy.

Writer's block already? Workshop it, maybe? 

No! Suicide is way over-dramatic, and a lot of first-time writers use that as an escape hatch from a story, but try to let this one play out. Maybe intro new characters? 

He seems like a handful! 

Seriously. Just imagine if it was real!

Sources: BuzzFeed