The good ones are always full of lies.

We were right to be suspicious! The Twerk Fail girl is a stuntwoman named Daphne Avalon, as revealed on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not only that, but Kimmel reveals the reason why the video cut out so fast, then goes on to gloat with a supercut of all the news outlets that ran the video without questioning its veracity (or why it counts as news).

If anything, this proves that Kimmel could have a second career in viral marketing. Had the bottle of booze on the table been moved closer to camera with a more visible label, this could have been the most successful commercial for a liquor ever made. Or least successful, depending on how you feel about ending up drunk and on fire. I'm personally on the fence.

This comedown has got to hurt for a lot of people. There were a few days there when we could all genuinely feel better about ourselves for not having started an apartment fire with our asses. But it's better to have laughed at someone's misfortune and lost than to have never laughed at someone's misfortune at all. Thanks, Jimmy.

(by Bob Powers)