It's time to put down the phone while driving. I'm telling myself, too.

That can't help your premiums. (via KATU)


This hasn't been a great week for stories about moms behind the wheel. Don't let it affect your opinion of them in general. The vast majority of moms are terrific drivers, and always act responsibly when driving a vehicle. This lady, on the other hand, is a fucking nightmare.

23-year-old Elizabeth Dove was driving with her young son in the backseat when she plowed into three teenagers in a crosswalk. Someone driving next to her told police that shortly beforehand, he had stopped to let the teens pass, as did several other drivers, but then he noticed her Kia continuing towards them at close to 40 mph. He honked at her, but it was too late. The truly outrageous part came when police checked Dove's cell phone.

On the phone, they found a 19-second-long video of her son. The video was taken from the driver's seat, but pointed into the backseat of the car. They were able to determine that the video ended 1.4 seconds before the accident. What's more, for the duration of the video, Dove was using one hand to operate the phone and gesticulating with the other, meaning that she had no hands on the wheel when the accident occurred.

From her phone, police also discovered that in the ten minutes before the crash, Dove had been talking on the phone for seven minutes, had sent five text messages, and received one. All with a kid in the backseat. The teenagers were hospitalized with bruises and broken bones, but have recovered.

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