Chopper the Biker Dog was deemed too hardcore by certifying organization Pet Partners and has been put on the bench.

A bad boy who makes you wanna say, "Good boy!" (via ABC News)


Mark Shaffer has been training animal therapy dogs and working with the organization that certified him, Pet Partners, for almost ten years. It's always been his 'thing' to dress his dogs up as little bikers, and it seems to be a real hit:

Heartbreaker. (via Chopper the Dog)

Soon after Shaffer went on a 10 day tour with Chopper the Biker Dog, he got a message from Pet Partners that chopper's license to work as a therapy dog was being revoked. The organization cited Chopper's threads as the issue, writing:

“Pet Partners regrets to inform you that your registration with our organization is being suspended effective today. Our organization has specific expectations about appearance and professionalism which unfortunately are not met by your team... We are concerned about the clothing in which Chopper is in the community... We are also concerned about the perception that your team may be creating in the community with regard to therapy animals."

Shaffer says this is a steaming pile of dogsh*t, because the organization knew very well what Chopper's persona. There are rules on the books about "costumes," but he claims that everything Chopper wears is designed for dogs and thus doesn't fall under Pet Partners' definition of costumes anyway.

So what's the problem? CONSPIRACY. Shaffer writes:

The point of this, for 10 years, this organization has had knowledge, and awareness of both Bandit and Chopper dressing up as “biker dogs", visiting so many people in need, and making a positive difference to thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people over the years…. They (Pet Partners) still gave us praise (in private emails), accepted our money and renewed our registration, UNTIL we went on our very publicized “road trip", the SAME week they had the “biker gang" (as the news puts it) shooting / killing in Waco, TX…. coincidence? Profiling?
Sources: Chopper the Biker Dog | ABC News | h/t Jezebel