My name is Red, not Who, but, yeah, I did it. (via YouTube)


I don't know if any of you are still impressed by the 10-year-old genius who just graduated high school, but don't be. This dog figured out how to unlock his cage in a kennel. Could the 10-year-old genius who just graduated high school do that?

Probably. But he's not a dog.

Staffers at the Battersea Dog and Cat Home couldn't figure out why all the coolest dogs were running around free in the mornings after they thought they had carefully locked them up for the night -- they had to install security cameras just to figure out what was going on. 

The best part of this escape is not just that Red figures out how to get himself out, but also that he was able to get his friends out. And I don't mean he just let some of the other dogs out, he only let out his girlfriend and the other popular dogs to party in the kitchen while the the loser dogs had to stay in their cages. That's so Red. 

Red pulled this stunt off in 2004, but it was only posted by GIBSY1970 in 2007, and only started making the internet rounds this week. I don't know why, blame it on the dog. 

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