Be careful with what your dog eats when nobody's watching.

Dog owner Terry Morgan is a recently retired bartender from Devon, England (where they call him a publican, not a bartender) who had his watch set to last call, or as he called is "drink up time."

The watch went missing, and he searched for it in his apartment, until one day he heard the alarm go off from inside Charlie the dog. 

"At first I thought he was lying on it," Mr. Morgan told the BBC. "Only when I rolled him over did I realize it was inside him. The watch was always set to go off at ten-fifty-five to remind me to call last orders. Luckily, I'd never bothered to change it."

He went to take his Newfoundland to the vet for a surgical removal that would have cost twice as much as the timepiece itself but, fortunately, Charlie coughed the watch up beforehand. 

Aside from having to get an x-ray to make sure he hadn't swallowed anything else (he hadn't), Charlie is fine. Morgan complains now that he has to hear the pub's regulars make "time" jokes, but I think he's lucky to have such a good watchdog.

And a good watch. Who knows how long Charlie's stomach would have kept the time without that alarm. He's lucky his dog didn't find a sex toy or it could have remained hidden for a decade

Sources: BBC | h/t arbroath