A black lab named Caroline accidentally crashed her owner's car into a pool.

This dog may have been inspired by Furious 7. (via WRAL)

Michael and Ruth Smith of Erwin, N.C. like to bring their black lab Caroline with them everywhere because she is such a sweetheart. I mean, look at that face! I'd bring her everywhere, too.

Unfortunately, Caroline got spooked while Ruth was driving through a grocery store parking lot. The dog jumped down to the floor of the truck, forcing Ruth to hit the gas pedal. They couldn't get Caroline off the pedal, and the '88 Dodge Ram careened through a fence and into a swimming pool.

It's a shame the Smiths' sweet ride got totalled by the crash, and luckily no dogs or humans were hurt in this pretty hilarious car wreck. John McNamara, the pool's owner, although shocked to find a truck in his pool, was just glad no one was hurt. The Smiths don't blame Caroline either, they know it was a crazy accident.

Wait, so a car crashes into a pool and nobody is upset? No one is suing each other? The dog isn't even claiming any emotional damages? Is this even America?


I suggest watching the news video if you want to see just how adorable Caroline is.

Sources: WRAL