Hang on. Just checking Tinder for the local dude situation.

This video making the rounds today originally hit YouTube back in 2011, and we're shocked this woman hasn't been a top meme for years now. Meet Texting Bride, the human eobodiment of love's attention span in the smartphone age. The man shooting the video told ABC News that the wedding took place in 2008, and the bride must have thought she was pulling a fast one since her back was to her guests, so no one but the cameraman and the bride's visibly disapproving father (and, presumably, the pissed off minister) could see.


What was she typing then? Most commenters went with a change of her relationship status to "Married." I'm more inclined to think she's sending directions to latecomers. You ever planned your own wedding? The logistics are a nightmare! Or maybe she's just wondering why she's had her phone out at her wedding for two seconds already and she's not all over the Internet yet.

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