Show me on the dolphin where the "whatever" is. (via YouTube)

In 1963, animal researcher Margaret Howe Lovatt helped flood a house in the Virgin Islands to create a dolphinarium as part of a NASA funded project to learn how to communicate with dolphins. That's where she met Peter. It's usually frowned upon to fraternize with co-workers, but since Peter was a dolphin, she let it slide. 

In the upcoming BBC doc The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, Lovatt admits to having sex with her dolphin Peter.

"He would rub himself on my knee or my foot or my hand or.... whatever. And I allowed that, I was comfortable with that."

I know it was the sexy '60s, but holy hell. She let a dolphin rub himself on her whatever. 

Here's a clip from the doc, where she is interviewed in the modern era about Peter, like Rose from Titanic reminiscing about her "heart of the ocean."

Margaret claims it wasn't sexual on her part, only sensual, and said it (dolphin sex) was "just easier to incorporate it and let it happen... just get rid of that scratch and move on."

"Peter had caused Margaret some minor injuries on her legs, pushing like an obsessed suitor," says the old dude in the video. 

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